Checking In

Well hello there sweet ladies!  Did you think we deserted you?  I surely hope not, we would never do that!  While we may have been a bit busy with life this past week, we have still been brainstorming, plotting and scheming up ways on how we can make Blog Sugar 2011 the best possible experience for all of you.  Through me quitting my job, Jen gallivanting all over town to super glam events, and Rachel suffering and surviving through Sinus Infection 2011, fear not, some brilliant ideas have still been forged and will soon be announced!

In the meantime, have you checked out our Facebook page?  Click on that little thumbs up guy and "like" us for daily sugary sweet updates straight to your Facebook page.

And by a show of hands, or comments, how many out of towners do we have attending Blog Sugar?  In case you missed it, the local Ayres Hotel in Seal Beach has hooked us up with a pretty sweet deal of $109 a night!  Make your trip even more affordable though by finding a roomie and splitting the costs!  If you're interested in finding a roommate for the weekend, please leave a comment below and we'll try to assist with playing match maker :)

In the next few days, more information about our wonderful panel of Speakers and Sponsors will be forthcoming, and we'll also announce some exciting information about Scholarships to Blog Sugar.  We'll also be introducing you to our official photographer for Blog Sugar, because you know, we're fancy like that.       

In just a few short weeks, Blog Sugar is more than 50% sold out.  We are excited and fired up, but also humbled and grateful to be working together to bring you all what we only hope will be a truly wonderful night of camaraderie, friendship and inspiration.  Thank you for your interest and excitement in this event.  All the fun tweets, emails and comments all over the interweb have been a constant source of motivation and inspiration.

We can't wait till September!
Much Love,

Rachel, Andrea and Jen


  1. Of course I'm the first one to comment about the hotel. Yes, I'm an out of town girl, and yes, I'd love to share a room with someone. I'm clean, nice, don't take too much time in the bathroom, don't snore, or sleep walk (that I know of), and like to read a book before falling asleep.

    Oh, and I really, really, really want to see the beach while I'm there. And I really, really, really do NOT want to drive in LA traffic. I'll be staying Fri, Sat, and Sun night. Can't wait!!!

  2. Im still trying to figure out accomodations too. Ive got a couple of other options and am trying to weigh it all.
    I'll be flying in from NY and have never been to California so tips on what to see/do while there(esp on a budget!) would be a great post too!