Speaker Spotlight-Jeannett

I've known Jeannett for awhile now and besides having sharp wit, she has a killer blog that focuses on other people, their needs and how she can help. Please take some time to visit her piece of the internet and learn about her and how you can also stand in the gap, for those in need. Currently, she is doing a series that focus' on infant loss/miscarriage. The guest posts have been moving and very enlightening. {They'll leave you in tears, so grab a tissue. They'll also leave you better for it.}
Go and read. And look forward to her words that she will be sharing, come September.


*One thing about me that might surprise you:
I originally applied to a film school in Los Angeles right after high school. I was accepted and even had an internship lined up at Warner Brothers Studios! My dreams of being a world famous movie director were underway! But after a series of what I thought were unfortunate events at the time, turned out to be my biggest blessing. I like my simple life of being a mom. There are few accolades and my name is certainly not in lights, but it couldn't have played itself out more beautifully.

*When you were little, what did you want to "be" when you grew up?
I wanted to be a travel agent. Super weird, right? I had "stolen" one of every pamphlet from the local travel agency we visited when my grandma booked her own trip, and I went home and set up all the brightly colored pages with photos of beautiful locales and would spend hours pretending to book amazing trips for people. Interestingly, I never had the desire to do the traveling myself, just to coordinate all of the fun for others. Looking back, I can see how this desire to do the behind the scenes work to help others is still playing a prominent role in my life. So maybe it wasn't so random after all...

*If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
My husband would answer this by saying Stubborn. I like to call it Strong Willed. Although that's two words...so maybe he's right.

*Desert Island. 3 things. Go.
1. Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer
2. Coffee. Black. One scoop of sugar. Repeat.
3. I'm gonna cheat and say my iPad. You know, because this deserted island surely has wifi. What kind of island would it be if it didn't???? Pshaw.

*Why do you feel God has brought you to the blogging world?
I think women need encouragement in knowing that they aren't the only ones out there having a rough go at it somedays. None of us have it all together, and it's so easy in real life to avoid playdates and meetings...and even when we go, it's easy to pull out the flat iron and dab some lipstick to mask the chaos. It's hard for me to be vulnerable and cry in front of others...and I would imagine it's the same for a lot of women. You just aren't sure of the reactions you'll get. And who knows when the Ugly Cry is going to make a surprise appearance, you know? Yet, somehow, pouring out my heart onto a screen feels safe and therapeutic (which is really backwards when you consider the fact that it's the *internet*!). Blogging allows me to string together my thoughts in ways that I can't always do in real life...it allows me to re-read, edit, make more clear, and mull over things in a way that real life doesn't. And by doing so...by being more confident in the end result, I am more confident in sharing God's grace and mercy. Because God is in everything. Everything. And the act of stopping long enough to type out my words, allows me the time to reflect on this truth. Sharing it becomes a natural outcrop of telling the stories of my everyday. My hope is that somehow, someway, even in an itty bitty tiny way, I bring glory and honor. Because isn't that what we were made for?

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  1. I'd take my Hope in a Jar and coffee too!

    And what a great point you make about being vulnerable in front of women in person... I've never thought of it that way before.