What YOU are supporting.

Each year an organization is picked.
Each ticket sold means dollars donated to a worthy organization.
Each Blog Sugar, we give you an opportunity to donate.
Please learn about the organization you will be supporting, come September.
Be changed.


  1. thanks for choosing this organization. what a joy to be a part of the help this ministry gives!! this tragedy of sex trafficking rends my heart and sickens my stomach. sweet children. little ones, their lives stolen from them. lord, rescue these precious ones!

    (a favorite artist of mine has a beautiful song on this subject)

  2. you make my heart full. thank you for this, rachel!!

  3. glad to support such a helpful organization. thank you Rachel.

    i can't. even. imagine.

  4. I am saddened, but hopeful. And thankful that organizations like this exist.

  5. I am very excited that you are supporting an organization that works on human trafficking! It is such an important issue and many people aren't even aware of it. I wish I was going to blogsugar. Let me know if any tickets come up!

  6. What a blessing -- thank you for partnering with Love146 and being a part of the abolition movement!
    VP of Communications, Love146

  7. you couldn't have picked a better one.
    thank you, thank you.