Blog Sugar 11: The Highlight Reel

One of our incredible sponsors of the event, Kiera from Jakfoto Productions, is an incredible film maker...she's also a friend of mine (Jen). She has a heart for Jesus, is a gifted creative, and has sassy hair. You may have seen her walking around on Sunday evening with her camera gear, quietly taking in the event. She might have been far from intrusive, but man, did she capture everything like she was right in the middle of the fun!

We are SO BLESSED to share with you the highlights from Blog Sugar and hope this brief video reminds you of the relationships you developed, the inspiration you received, and the love we poured into planning this conference!

If you're interested in a video introduction on your blog/site, please consider using Kiera! As you may remember from the card in your goodiebag, she's doing a special filming event at discounted rates on November 15. Be sure to check it out!!!

Kiera, thanks for sharing your gifts with us and being one of our incredible sponsors!!!