beyond our understanding.

Sometimes things happen that we have no explanation for. We can't wrap our minds around it or understand God's purpose. We try to make sense and we can't, because there is no sense to be made.

The tragedies that have occurred in Japan have truly made us reflect on what is important, what is meaningful and what is real.

We want to help, so here is what we can do, right now.

The next two people to register for Blog Sugar 11 will have a donation made, in their name, to the American Red Cross. The donation will be made in the full amount of their ticket price.
We will be thrilled to share with you, who they are, tomorrow.


Donate HERE.
And be grateful for all of the many blessings that surround you.
And then pray again.

We especially pray for peace, for each family, during this horrific tribulation.

-Rachel, Andrea and Jen

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