Two more....

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Two more questions that have been asked frequently....{and will be added to the FAQ's page, shortly}......

1.) Is Blog Sugar only for experienced/veteran bloggers?

The answer is NO! Blog Sugar is for every blogger. New bloggers. Old bloggers. Blonde bloggers. Tall bloggers. You get the picture. Just because you don't have an online shop or a million followers doesn't mean you won't fit right in, at our event. Come and learn! Get inspired! There is plenty of diversity in our attendance!

2.) I have a handmade business. Can I sponsor Blog Sugar? I want to get the word out about my brand!

The answer is CONTACT US! We would love to share with you some great ways to share your product. We have some very affordable ways to share YOU with others, so contact us today at:
You can also check out our sponsorship page to learn some of avenues we offer.

Register today, if you haven't already!
We want to see you in September!

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  1. I have a question about attending blog sugar...I really, really want to go, but I was wondering can I take my baby? By September she will be about 3 months old. I breastfeed, so I was wondering if it would be ok to take her...if not I completely understand. Just wondering.