Welcome to the official website for Blog Sugar-I'm so glad that you are here and interested in our event!

Come in, grab some chocolate (can you tell we like sweets?) and look around. We hope you feel at home, learn more about us and get excited for our upcoming event.
You can get more information and stay connected by looking over there>>> and finding us on FaceBook and Twitter, too! You'll always be up to date on what is happening.
{and grab a button, for your blog, too!}

Please visit the site often as there will be news, information, speaker bio's and more, posted frequently!

And for reals....you gotta go check out our speakers for this event.
They are dynamite.
Actually, BEYOND dynamite.
They are amazing.
I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to hear them speak and see what the Lord does, at Blog Sugar.

REGISTER TODAY {space is limited} and join us in September!
It's going to be sweet.


  1. SWEET!!!!!

    found you through my dear friend Meg at Whatever...
    I just love it
    I will NOT be giving up SUGAR for Lent!!!!