why, yes....

I've been receiving lots of mail/phone calls today, asking a variety of questions!
We are working fast and furious to get up a F.A.Q's page for you, filled with lots of ideas, tips and answers, but until then......the most commonly asked question is:

Will the event sell out, or is there an unlimited amount of tickets?

And the answer is: We only have a limited number of tickets.

We have a pre-assigned amount of space, so if you are wanting to be a part (which we want you to be!!!), jump in! Tickets are sellin' like hotcakes (mmmm....hotcakes). You don't want to miss out on all the sugary goodness....

and prizes.
and amazing speakers.
and cupcakes.
and hugging.
and chatting.
and coffee.

And at $60.00 a pop (mmmm....soda pop), it can't be beat!


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