Speaker Spotlight: Sarah

One of the wonderful parts of Blog Sugar is the unique voice that each of the speakers has. They come with a unique set of gifts and talents. But most importantly, they come with a story. Pieces of who they are and their journey. And they are ready to share with us! Sarah Markley shares who she is, daily, on her blog.
Using her words to reach others.
Please take a moment, learn about her and read her story. You will be enriched.
And for fun...here are a few Q & A's to get to know her a little better:

1- One thing that might surprise people about me is that I've struggled
for a long time in my life with friendship. It doesn't come easy to me and
all the friendships I do have have been fought for and labored over. I
guess it makes them worth a lot to me because of that.

2 - I actually don¹t remember wanting to be anything when I grew up. When
I got into high school I was convinced I would be a writer someday. Maybe
it was only because I looked up to some older friends who oddly prided
themselves on being moody/quiet writer-types. I wanted that, but as I got
older and figured out you really had a to live a little bit of life in
order to actually write something worth reading, I gave it up for almost
10 years. Four years ago I started blogging and created a daily discipline
for myself of writing short pieces. Now I see writing as not the end goal
of my life, but as part of my calling and purpose.

3. One word - Introspective

4. Desert island: laptop, wifi card, my pillow

5. God has brought me into the blogging world, I believe, to find the
community that I've wanted for so long. I knew that I needed people in my
life who resonated with my heart and because of social media, I've found
life long friends.

Thanks Sarah! Can't wait to see you in September!

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