There Is Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

On a pretty regular basis, it seems that Rachel, Jen or myself hear the words "I'm nervous to come to_____(insert any particular blog conference)."  In fact just this weekend as Rachel and I were strolling around The Queen Bee Market, we met a few readers that said those exact words.  A couple had already purchased tickets despite their nerves and fear, and others were hesitant to because they weren't sure how to conquer those fears before the event.

While your board of hostesses tend to be a little outgoing, we do get it.  A hundred plus ladies, many of them strangers, all in a room can be an intimidating setting, even for the most boisterous of personalities.  But our hope of all hopes is that Blog Sugar will change all that for you.  Our sole mission is to create an inviting, uplifting space to be inspired, feel connected, and feel encouraged.

While we can make all the promises we want, we do understand that sometimes it's therapeutic just to get it out there.  So tell us, what are some of your fears in coming to Blog Sugar, or any conference for that matter?
Fear of meeting new people?
Fear of driving in California traffic?
Fear of what to wear?
Fear of what to say?

And how could we best help you with that fear and put your mind at ease?
Welcome committees?
Flash Mob Dance?
Rachel performing the running man on stage?

Or if you've been to a few blog conferences and you've learned to conquer your fears, please share how you did it!  I know many would appreciate any advice or tips you could lend.

While we can't promise you the stars, at least we can lend an ear :)
Please share!  We'd love to hear from you.


  1. I would LOVE to see Rachel do the running man on stage! That would bring joy to my heart. ; )

  2. Flash mob would be awesome!

    I'm mainly nervous about getting around. Honestly, the heaviest traffic I've ever driven in was Kansas City and I almost had a nervous breakdown in front of my children. I'm a small town mid-western girl... so all of you Cali girls are super intimidating to me! :o)

  3. mimes.
    a petting zoo.
    homemade ice cream.

  4. Jeannett, Are you afraid of mimes, the petting zoo and homemade ice cream? Or is that what you'd like at the conference? Either way, you have me intrigued.

  5. Nervous about getting around....
    And also, is this a place for small-time bloggers? Those who are little-known? Is it weird if I live in MN to come to CA for a one-night event?

  6. Kristie, I have a little unknown blog, and I'm not crafty, and I'm a small town girl in the midwest. I've already purchased my blogsugar ticket and airfare. For me it's more about connecting with a great group of women that are supportive, creative, and smart! It's also about challenging myself, getting out of the midwest for a few days, and doing something that seems fun even if it doesn't make sense to everyone else. Go for it! I know we'll have a great time!!!

  7. Kristie...I felt the same way for awhile but the desire to come was too strong. And if you think you're crazy for coming from MN I'll put you at ease by telling you that Im coming from New York! So you're closer to Cali than I am:)
    My biggest fears are mainly this: I turned 31 last month and Ive never traveled on my own(never flown on my own either). Ive never been to California which is hugely intimidating to me.
    I was really afraid of coming all the way out to CA and having no idea where I was going with no one to show me anything. But God has been wonderful and blessed me with some amazing friendships through planning for this trip.My accomodations are now taken care of and another blogger friend has offered to pick me up from the airport so I dont even have to worry about a rental car!I feel so blessed that all my needs are being met.
    So dont be afraid to put yourself out there. Start jumping around to other BlogSugar attendees' blogs, start commenting and forming friendships. And by the time we get there we wont feel like such strangers!
    Its going to be amazing. I cant wait!:)