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Well hello there!  Has anyone checked the calendar lately and realized that the big day, i.e. Blog Sugar, is just a mere 11 weeks away?!?  How in the world did that happen?  We are all so excited to be getting closer and closer to the big day and have been busy little bees.

After the excitement of last week's reopening of registration, we knew we had to come back with something equally fun and exciting this week.  So here we go!  With the price of your ticket you have the opportunity to join 3 panels and listen to 3 of the amazing and talented Speakers we have joining us for Blog Sugar.

If you've noticed, we added a link up top on the navigation bar titled Panels.  Simply click on that link and you'll be directed to a separate page where you can enter your email address.  As long as you bought a ticket through Event Brite and registered, you'll be allowed to choose your 3 panels.  There is a brief description of what each speaker will be talking about to better help you make your selection.  If you change your mind after you've chosen your panels, no problem, just log back in and make your adjustments.  You will receive a confirmation email each time you choose/edit your panel selections.  Please note, Meg Duerksen is the Key Note Speaker, so each of you will be hearing her speak at the event.  

It's pretty cool and we're excited to be able to offer the chance to hear 3 different exciting and interesting discussions.  We'd like to thank CIU Networks INC for building this cool little custom program for us. It makes us feel very fancy and techie.  It will also help us stay very organized the night of the event, so if you happen to forget which panels you registered for, have no fear!  We'll have you covered with all our fancy Excel worksheet data.  Thanks so much to the guys at CIU!

Now there's one catch, a few of you have won tickets (yay!) or purchased a few tickets for friends under one name.  If you have not yet reached out to Rachel to have your email address added to the data base, you will not be allowed to choose your panels.  Please email Rachel if this is you, and we'll get you added ASAP :)

We've been testing the program for a few days and so far it's worked beautifully, but if you encounter any problems at all, please feel free to email me Andrea at or Rachel at

Thanks, and now, let the countdown begin!

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