Questions, Questions, Questions (and Answers)!

We're less than 10 weeks away from the big date...
We are excited (a little nervous too), but mostly excited.
We hope you're excited too!

We have some fun posts ready for you in the coming weeks, highlighting some more of our fabulous speakers, generous sponsors, and more touristy and helpful info on beautiful Southern California.

But until then, we thought we'd answer a few questions that have come up in the last couple of weeks.
  1. Some asked if you should be receiving confirmation emails when you register for your panels and the answer is YES!  If you haven't received an email, double check that it didn't go to your spam folder or that you're using the right email address (some have used a couple of different email addresses).  Even if for some strange reason you didn't receive a confirmation email, have no fear, you should still be registered.  Just click on the panel link and enter your email address.  If you're registered, your choices will pop right up.
  2. Can you change your panel selections?  Yes, of course you can!  Some panels are very close to filling up, so if you think you might want to change, go do it now!   And there are 34 of you that haven't registered yet, so go NOW!  :) 
  3. Meg is the Key Note Speaker and so will be addressing the entire audience in attendance, which is why she was not listed as a Panel selection.
  4. There is a wait list!  If you missed out on registration the 1st and 2nd time around, please contact Rachel ( and we'll add you to the wait list.  If someone wants to unload their ticket for some reason, we'll contact you.
Of course we know more questions will come up in the weeks to follow and we'll be working on updating the FAQ tab, but until then, we hope we've answered some of the most pressing questions you may have.  If you have a burning question that we haven't gotten to yet, please contact us and we'll do our best to answer it!

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