Speaker Spotlight - Heather

You just can't help but feel a little bit happy when you step into Heather's space on the internet over at Life Made Lovely.  Sure you can easily say it's the cute and funky glasses, the sassy haircut, sweet smile or her crazy good design skills that make you want to pull up a chair and stay a while.  But really what we love and appreciate most about Heather and what truly makes her special is her heart and her dedication to finding the lovely in all things, whether big or small.  We're so excited for her to speak at Blog Sugar and to get you just as excited, here's a fun little Q & A.

What is the one thing that might surprise people?
I'm completely afraid to cook meat.  My family is one step away from being vegetarian only because of my fear of food poisoning from undercooked meat.

When you were little, what did you want to "be" when you grew up?
I wanted to work at an ad agency just like Angela on "Who's the Boss" or run a magazine. My mom still has the ones I made myself when I was 9 years old.

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Desert island. 3 things Go.
Sweet tea tea with Sonic ice, Pandora radio on my phone (this island has wi-fi, right?), and my man.

Why do you feel God has brought you to the blogging world? 
I think God initially brought me to the blogging world so that He could show me that I wasn't alone.  At the time I was struggling to find someone else that had survived something they thought they couldn't.  Through blogging I quickly found people that were sharing their own stories, each one full of hope and faith.  Being able to connect with people in this way helped my faith to grow and my world to move in a new direction.  That was almost 3 years ago!  I feel like God is using the blogging world to teach me that I have a voice and can share it.  I think that when we share our stories we have the opportunity to impact the world in meaningful ways. Whether they are stories of loss or of love, they connect us to each other, and I find that completely inspiring!