FAQ Page Added

Good morning everyone!  It's Andrea here popping in to say WOW!  What a response in just the first day.  Twitter was all abuzz yesterday with the #blogsugar11 hashtag flashing up on my feed just about every minute.  We are all so, so thrilled to see the excitement spread like wildfire.  And we can't wait to meet you all.

Real quick, I wanted to alert you all to the FAQ page.  It's been updated so far with the pertinent travel info that many of you have been asking about, including airport and accommodation recommendations.  

And in the next few days we will be adding the really fun stuff; restaurant, beach and sight seeing recommendations.  After all, one of the best things that Blog Sugar has to offer (aside from friendship, inspiration, and sugar), is LOCATION!  Nestled right smack dab in the middle of Southern California, you will have plenty to do and see while you're here visiting.  We want you to make the most of your trip out here!

So stay tuned and check back for updates to the FAQ page.  The button on the sidebar will always direct you to it.  We've got lots of sweetness in store for ya!  

Have a sweet day!

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